Posted by Mile Hund | | Wednesday 17 February 2010 04:32

“With 13 years on the scene Mile Hund is one of the most creative and versatile electro/nu rave disc jockeys in Croatia. But what makes him different from the rest of them is his Audio Engineering Diploma (SAE Institute/generation 2007.) This thesis is backed up by the amount of gigs he had beyond the borders of Croatia – he often visits Italy (Trash – Dance) and Serbia (clubs in Novi Sad). His favorite performance was at EXIT Festival 2009. at HappyNoviSad stage, a few streets away from Fusion Stage performing with Institubes Records crew: Orgasmic, Das Glow and Surkin. He visited Novi Sad a couple of times and they always called him back.

At Ljubljana’s club K4 he shared the stage with Danger, the French big shot that likes to mask in public. The venue was called Smetnjak. 20 hours later he was connecting his gear at Washington street in Prague.

Under the new alias, Mishu Mitubishu, Mile organises parties at Club Discordia in his hometown Rijeka. So far his events featured Banana Rave, The Good Guys, DeMode collective, Felony Flats, A Skitzo and Grum and none of them played a remix older than 15 days.

Mile mixes with the help of two (2!) MIDI controllers (Evolution UC33 i NanoKontrol), one Macbook Pro notebook and Ableton Live sequencer.

He got the name Mile Hund from the character in the 38 year old Croatian movie Vuk Samotnjak (Lone Wolf).”

by Antonio Hadrovic