Mishu Mitsubishu Party + Demode

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Saturday 20 March 2010 03:08

Demode is a audio-visual collective.  4 dj’s (Jah, Bambi, John B and Rachunica) and 3 vj’s (Nedjeljka, – polygon and Mirzaa).  As students they joined together to give Zagreb what it deserves.  Alternative dance program. And they were the first Croatian dance program of that kind. In the last 5 years they  had guests like Headman, YACHT,  Danger,  Toxic Avanger,  MIT,  Databas,  Repetitor,  DID and The Good Guys.

Dj’s have sets ranging from indie rock, post punk, disco punk, new wave to electro techno, breakcore, nu rave and 8-bit. Vj’s  beside visualization itself do graphic design and screen setup of every party. This Dj/Vj collective performed with bands like Animal Collective, HEALTH, Notwist, Of Montreal, Kid606 and Jason Forrest.