nineOnine iPad App

Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Sunday 19 June 2011 00:49


For the past few months I was working intensively on the iPad app I am about to present to you. App is still in review stage over at Apple and it is not yet available for download/purchase.

The “nineOnine” for iPad is a simple sample-based emulation of Roland’s classic TR-909 drum machine. With its look and feel the “nineOnine” draws close comparison to the original hardware device. The “nineOnine” not only emulates the sound but also the logic of programming and saving rhythm patterns, giving you that extra blast from the past.



- 16 step drum sequencer

- 10 user defined presets

- 9 drum instruments

- 8 drum patterns (4 x 2 banks)

- 4 preset tracks

- Knob zoom for easier handling

- Effects rack (Reverb, Delay, BitCrush and Pan)

- Record and export loops in 16bit/44.1kHz stereo WAV format


For more info on its functionality please refer to the “nineOnine” tutorial at:


This is the first version of the drum machine, basic but offers great deal of features from the original hardware device plus effect rack and iPad specific features. There are few 909 emulations over at the App Store but neither one of them comes even close to “nineOnine”. There will be many additional  features added in the next major update such as: - Knob automation – Wi-Fi MIDI sync – Full sound synthesis – Step or Tap pattern write mode – More patterns and presets – User defined Track Play – Improved graphics.

When app gets approved, price will be 1.99$ until first major update. After, it will be 3.99$ so be sure to check iTunes App Store in a week or so and get “nineOnine” half price…



EDIT:  App is now live and available on the App Store. Click the App Store badge to visit iTunes Store and download the app.