Party Report – Verzija 3.1 + Trashers

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Monday 10 January 2011 18:28

Birthday party went well… After last year’s near-fiasco this year was a blast. No snow could mess up my plans. I guess people got use to it and city does not become a ghost town when it snows. Almost all parties were canceled except motherfucking Gdin. Sme?i Še?er at Tunnel Jazz Cafe and Verzija 3.1 at Discordia.

The day before I was in Belgrade. Weather conditions forced me to travel with train. Painfully slow train. Rijeka – Belgrade takes  around 11 hours. The next day (Saturday) I picked up Trashers and we all joyfully went on another even longer train ride. When we arrived they had almost 2h to take a nap before the show.

I am not going to post any pics as you can easily see them at Mishu Mitsubishu Facebook page but I am going to post my recorded live warmup set and Lavinsky’s  (Trashers) minimix.


Mile Hund live at Verzija 3.1

Lavinsky – Minimix