High Pitch party report.

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Monday 4 October 2010 21:11

It was the third in a series of disco and funk nights that I am doing with my dear friend Gdin. Smedji Šecer (Brown Shugga). We had a guest, Šah Mat. And may I ad, he had an awesome performance. This one was all about getting high. Helium high. Abusing  your vocal cords while you singalong to Bee Gee’s. NOT. :)

Gdin. Smedji Šecer doesn’t take all those false disco shit but I couldn’t resist. Sorry. LOL. Again I used my audio engineering skills to record this live set. I recorded only 45 minutes and since I need at least one hour set  for the Monday Mishu Mitsubishu radio show on Elektrana Radio, I added few more songs.

Mile Hund –  Live @ High Pitch (Club Discordia)

Tracklist in comments …