Influences + Dj Sneak

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Friday 7 May 2010 23:25

Recently I moved to London. Big change. The day I arrived I was taken to a small birthday party. People There wanted to go out and someone suggested one underground party at which DJ Sneak was playing. YES. Finally I was about to hear him at live performance. His classic mix Buggin’ Da Beats was one of the most listened mix in the late 90′s. I am talking about mixes I used to listen. Chicago house was big for me those years and Sneak as most popular DJ of the second wave of Chicago house scene was my favorite. Deep hypnotic grooves, with the emphasis on the groove, are his signature. That special kind of groove from those days was missing at the latest performance but still, it was DJ Sneak. Great night out.

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Dj Sneak – Buggin Da Beats