Two years of Mishu Mitsubishu

Posted by Mile Hund | Mixes,Thougths | Friday 7 May 2010 17:38

This journey nobody could predict. It could have been better and it could have been worse. Writing was never my strong point and my thoughts are better expressed by other means. Luckily, future improvements are imminent.  I, myself, am very satisfied and I hope many of you, while listening to my mixes, are too. In two years since I started this blog and Mishu Mitsubishu parties, I turned from a small relatively known local DJ to international DJ. Now, I am not saying I am popular. LOL. Just that “almost nothing” turned into gigs with Danger, Surkin, Grum, Das Glow and many others in clubs like K4 (Ljubljana, SLO) party nights like Trash Dance (Bassano,IT), Trashcotheque (Beograd, SR) DeMode (Zagreb, CRO) and festivals like EXIT (Novi Sad, SR). Mishu Mitsubishu was never intended to copy things already seen out there. There are many blogs that I read (well, listen is the most appropriate word) and the ones I like the most are listed in my blogroll. Check them out.

This here is a retrospective of mixes I published at Mishu Mitsubishu. Oldest first :)

April Mixtape

April, 2008. Tracklisting and comments.

Bonus Mix – Side A

Bonus Mix – Side B

March, 2008. Bonus mixes released before April Mixtape. Tracklisting and comments

May Mixtape

May, 2008. Tracklisting and comments

June Mixtape

June, 2008. Tracklisting and comments.

Palm Beach Bonus Mix

July, 2008. Tracklisting and comments.

Miracle Mile 80s Mixtape

November, 2008. Tracklisting and comments.

Mile Hund – March Mixtape

March, 2009. Tracklisting and comments.

Mile Hund – Secret Love

March, 2009. Tracklisting and comments.

Mile Hund – September Mixtape

September, 2009. Tracklisting and comments.

Mishu Mitsubishu – Fame

September, 2009. Tracklisting and comments.

Mile Hund – Elektrana Radio Mix For Shorpants Romance

January, 2010. Tracklisting and comments.