influences + alex gopher

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Thursday 18 February 2010 02:08

Alex Gopher

Few months ago I posted Trash-Dance live mix from Alex Gopher. That reminded me on one of his early works, and also I pulled his album You, my baby and I from dust and gave it a spin. Then I heard he will perform at this years Carnival Party so post about him as an influence would be at least I could do. That would be perfect if Carnival Party wasn’t held last saturday. Ok I was busy making this new layout.

Back to Mr. Gopher and year 1998. I think, ….. at the beginning of that year I heard his track Super Disco from Super Discount Compilation and that track was amazing. Still is. Nice example of French Touch. I just love it.

Party people was the song I used to play and was featured in my latest mix for Shortpants Romance show on Elektrana Radio.

Alex Gopher – Super Disco

Alex Gopher – Party People