Intoxicated With Super Drug

Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Thursday 21 April 2011 17:03


Now something completely fresh out of the lab. Super Drug.  Put your credit cards away :) This shit is disco house madness.

This drug is your best friend and when you’re down it will make you feel good.  Really good.

First prescription: 2 doses of pumping filtered disco sound.


Flash Night by Super Drug


Back to rolling by Super Drug

Off to Share

Posted by Mile Hund | Uncategorized | Friday 8 April 2011 11:42


SHARE Conference is a new kind of festival created by the State of Exit Foundation. For the first time in the region, a host of internationally acclaimed internet and social activism experts, new media artists and renowned musicians will be present in one place at the same time. The festival has two main program units: the innovatie SHARE by Day education platform and intensive SHARE by Night with Tuborg parties. Belgrade will thus become the hot spot for sharing knowledge, ideas and fun at performances, lectures, workshops and exhibitions featuring representatives from Google, Harvard, MIT, Obama’s marketing team and the likes. Dom Omladine with its 3 halls is the festival’s main venue, and another 8 clubs will host around 700 regional opinion-makers, as well as 15,000 local and international visitors. A single wristband will grant access to more than 100 events of the festival.

The ideology of the SHARE Conference Project is rooted in the free exchange of ideas, information and artefacts. SHARE aims to inspire solidarity, encouraging people to share their experiences, knowledge and music.

I am playing tonight at Club Plastic with Minitel Rose, Ninja Boy and MKDSL. See you there.

Be sure to check Share Conference website at