Andrej Trilavov – Telex

Posted by Mile Hund | Guest Mix | Friday 22 October 2010 20:11

Andrej Trilavov is not a DJ and he is not even trying to become one. He loves a good sound. Enjoys a warmth of his home on a  winter night listening to rare, obscure but beautiful tracks. With Telex he is taking us back to 80′s and this tracklist would be an enigma to the people even back then. Mix was featured in Mishu Mitsubishu radio show on 11 October and I highly recommend it to you. It is so authentic that after you finish listening to the mix you will think that Germany is still separated country.

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Telex by Andrej Trilavov

High Pitch party report.

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Monday 4 October 2010 21:11

It was the third in a series of disco and funk nights that I am doing with my dear friend Gdin. Smedji Šecer (Brown Shugga). We had a guest, Šah Mat. And may I ad, he had an awesome performance. This one was all about getting high. Helium high. Abusing  your vocal cords while you singalong to Bee Gee’s. NOT. :)

Gdin. Smedji Šecer doesn’t take all those false disco shit but I couldn’t resist. Sorry. LOL. Again I used my audio engineering skills to record this live set. I recorded only 45 minutes and since I need at least one hour set  for the Monday Mishu Mitsubishu radio show on Elektrana Radio, I added few more songs.

Mile Hund –  Live @ High Pitch (Club Discordia)

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