Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Tuesday 6 April 2010 18:56

Esh‘s career begun in 2006, when he replaced the former keyboards player in a rising pop-rock band called the Phinx. With them he won the Myspace Contest Italy 2007 and travelled all around the North of Italy playing gigs. One year later, he begun working in a young Recording Studio: Pianozero. So he spent his time between live shows and life in studio, recording and learning. In October 2007 Esh started another music project called The AGE Riøtt. This trio was fascinated by the brand new electro movement that was growing all across Europe. A new fresh sound that these guys followed immediately: crunchy synths, huge kicks, hip hop vocals. In October 2008 Esh walked out from the Phinx, in order to concentrate his attentions on his electro trio, that became a duo at the beginning of 2009 and turned its name into Pitch2Decide. Their tracks were pubblished on many blogs, such as Data Sapiens and StockholmBeatConnection and they played across Italy: from Catania to Venice, from Rome to Treviso, from Bologna to Milan. He playied with artists such as Mstrkrft, Shitdisco, Punks Jump Up, Annah Holland, Subsonica. Now Esh is involved in a brand new indie electro trio called Plexy Nation formed by him, an acid bassman and a reggae/dub singer. Esh keeps on producing also on his own; he’s now working on a few rmxs and on his first Ep called: “Please, have a synth”

Be sure to check his remix for the track called Gamer by he Phinx.

ESH – Rocket  87

Milke – Love Get Out Of My Way (ESH Remix)