danger bostleg tournament

Posted by Mile Hund | Uncategorized | Monday 22 February 2010 06:35

Danger announced a contest in which participants  have to mix a portion of any movie with one of 3 songs from his latest EP  9/17 2007. Contest ends March 8th. 3 winners will get a vinyl + an original DANGER TEE SHIRT + a DANGER medal and the Best BOSTLEG will be used as the official DANGER’s PROMOTIONAL VIDEO and will be online on his MYSPACE for one month.

More info at www.bostleg.com

This here below are my entries. Enjoy…..

influences + alex gopher

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Thursday 18 February 2010 02:08

Alex Gopher

Few months ago I posted Trash-Dance live mix from Alex Gopher. That reminded me on one of his early works, and also I pulled his album You, my baby and I from dust and gave it a spin. Then I heard he will perform at this years Carnival Party so post about him as an influence would be at least I could do. That would be perfect if Carnival Party wasn’t held last saturday. Ok I was busy making this new layout.

Back to Mr. Gopher and year 1998. I think, ….. at the beginning of that year I heard his track Super Disco from Super Discount Compilation and that track was amazing. Still is. Nice example of French Touch. I just love it.

Party people was the song I used to play and was featured in my latest mix for Shortpants Romance show on Elektrana Radio.

Alex Gopher – Super Disco

Alex Gopher – Party People

new blog design

Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Wednesday 17 February 2010 04:19

These days I decided, and I was pushed by “someone”, it is time to renew my blog. Maybe write more frequently. I am leaving blogspot.com and finally putting to use my own domain. Dog drawing is made by my dear friend Lavinsky and I am trying to learn as much as I can about CSS. Although this won’t be the final version of blog layout you are free to comment and add suggestions.

All previous posts can be found at mishumitsubishu.blogspot.com