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Most of these posts are usually late. With all the enthusiasm I have for new and old music I lack in writing skills.

I wanted to write so many things about Scream&Dive and at the end my mind remains blank. I can’t say the same for the music you are about to hear… Guys are talented and I expect a lot from them in future.

Neon Shock is a kind of tune I wish to listen to all day long and I listen to it with nostalgia. Hope those days will come back again and again and again..

Scream&Dive – Neon Shock

Intoxicated With Super Drug

Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Thursday 21 April 2011 17:03


Now something completely fresh out of the lab. Super Drug.  Put your credit cards away :) This shit is disco house madness.

This drug is your best friend and when you’re down it will make you feel good.  Really good.

First prescription: 2 doses of pumping filtered disco sound.


Flash Night by Super Drug


Back to rolling by Super Drug

Elektrana Radio App

Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Saturday 22 January 2011 00:36

’11 will be one louder than ’10

Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Saturday 8 January 2011 23:59

Last couple of weeks I was spending some quality time with my love ones. I traveled a bit and met new, interesting people. Lots of thing has been going on and I have to keep up with everything here on my blog. Biography needs an huge update. I have two party reports and two new guest mixes from December. One is exclusive and special in every possible way. Happy New Year to everyone …

Auza – We Just Press Play

Posted by Mile Hund | Thougths | Monday 5 July 2010 22:46

Yet another mix from my Italian friends Auza. Auza. AUZA. Enjoy ;)

Auza – We Just Press Play

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