Party Report – Trick or Treat

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Monday 8 November 2010 19:53

Few parties left me speachless. This was one of them.   If you would like to see more pics go to Mishu Mitsubishu Facebook Group. Tracklist is long and you can find it in comments.

Mile Hund – Live @ TrickOrTreat

High Pitch party report.

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Monday 4 October 2010 21:11

It was the third in a series of disco and funk nights that I am doing with my dear friend Gdin. Smedji Šecer (Brown Shugga). We had a guest, Šah Mat. And may I ad, he had an awesome performance. This one was all about getting high. Helium high. Abusing  your vocal cords while you singalong to Bee Gee’s. NOT. :)

Gdin. Smedji Šecer doesn’t take all those false disco shit but I couldn’t resist. Sorry. LOL. Again I used my audio engineering skills to record this live set. I recorded only 45 minutes and since I need at least one hour set  for the Monday Mishu Mitsubishu radio show on Elektrana Radio, I added few more songs.

Mile Hund –  Live @ High Pitch (Club Discordia)

Tracklist in comments …

Boys Are Back In Town Party Report. 80′s

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Monday 6 September 2010 19:02

Boys Are Back Flyer

Always nice to come back home for a week or two. Feel the air and the sun at the end of July. No where I would rather be. If you are not from Croatia and you end up there during the summer, you have go for a night swim. Priceless experience. And who knows, maybe there’s a party going on. Feel free to join.

Probably they will not play much of the 80′s and that is exactly what I like to play for a great night of fun. And there was so much joy at last rtyPa na ziPla I would like to express my gratitude to everyone that was there.

This is the recording of my set. Big thanks to Dasen and Bojan who were also playing some nice 80′s music that night.

You can find extensive tracklist in comments

Mile Hund – Live @ Boys Are Back In Town (80s rtyPa Na ziPla)

Party Report

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Wednesday 23 June 2010 13:20

Now I feel bad I gave them a bad interview :)

gang bang @ k4

Posted by Mile Hund | Party Report | Saturday 5 June 2010 19:42

My dear friends from Smetnjak decided they would like to make a Gang Bang Balkan party so they recruited SymbolOne, A Skitzo and me to do the dirty job. Not sure how much “Balkan” they will pull out of us but there’s going to be plenty of banging on the floor. I even think of putting to test one of my new routing settings in Ableton. Just to spice things up a little.

The date is 18 JUNE 2010. If you are close to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Be sure to stop by.

SymbolOne – AprilFool Mixtape

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