Influences + Chateau Flight

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Monday 10 January 2011 23:36

Versatile Records was my favorite label back in the days. Chateau’s Flight “Discobole” is French House at its finest.  I was never able to obtain a vinyl. I was usually buying my records at Italy (Trieste) because there was practically no record stores in Croatia. Maybe one or two with very limited catalogue. And if it wasn’t a new release, very hard to get.  Online shopping? What is that :)  I love the original version but this Pepe Bradock’s remix has a killer rhythm. More suitable for the dancefloor.

Influences – Le Knight Club

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Monday 22 November 2010 07:13

Founded by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (of Daft Punk fame) and Eric Chedeville (of Parisian outfit Pumpking Records), Le Knight Club is a French/Filtered House group. In addition to releasing a handful of singles, the duo has also created the Crydamoure record label. Le Knight Club produced some of the purest and most relentless French House around.

First time I heard this song  was in the spring of 1997. I haven’t heard anything like it before. I remember hearing it on Radio Company (Padova, Italy). I can’t remember the name of the show but I remember that it was broadcasted from Rimini, live from a record shop. Guys  were presenting new releases they were receiving in the store. In the mix. With Santa Claus I started to love and explore the sound of Guy/Manuel outside Daft Punk. Although “Holiday On Ice” sounds like Daft Punk’s “Around The World”, “Santa Claus” is somewhat different. This was the first Crydamoure record release and I believe the only one by Le Knight Club which did not contain any samples. Nice one to warm my hearth with nostalgia when the temperatures outside started to approach zero degrees centigrade.

Le Knight Club – Santa Claus

Influences + I:Cube

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Monday 9 August 2010 02:27

I:Cube – Disco Cubizm

I:Cube – Comme Des Esprits

Influences + Dj Sneak

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Friday 7 May 2010 23:25

Recently I moved to London. Big change. The day I arrived I was taken to a small birthday party. People There wanted to go out and someone suggested one underground party at which DJ Sneak was playing. YES. Finally I was about to hear him at live performance. His classic mix Buggin’ Da Beats was one of the most listened mix in the late 90′s. I am talking about mixes I used to listen. Chicago house was big for me those years and Sneak as most popular DJ of the second wave of Chicago house scene was my favorite. Deep hypnotic grooves, with the emphasis on the groove, are his signature. That special kind of groove from those days was missing at the latest performance but still, it was DJ Sneak. Great night out.

Tracks in the comments section …

Dj Sneak – Buggin Da Beats

influences + alex gopher

Posted by Mile Hund | Influences | Thursday 18 February 2010 02:08

Alex Gopher

Few months ago I posted Trash-Dance live mix from Alex Gopher. That reminded me on one of his early works, and also I pulled his album You, my baby and I from dust and gave it a spin. Then I heard he will perform at this years Carnival Party so post about him as an influence would be at least I could do. That would be perfect if Carnival Party wasn’t held last saturday. Ok I was busy making this new layout.

Back to Mr. Gopher and year 1998. I think, ….. at the beginning of that year I heard his track Super Disco from Super Discount Compilation and that track was amazing. Still is. Nice example of French Touch. I just love it.

Party people was the song I used to play and was featured in my latest mix for Shortpants Romance show on Elektrana Radio.

Alex Gopher – Super Disco

Alex Gopher – Party People