Get nineOnine for free these holidays.

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This weekend “nineOnine” for iPad will be FREE. That’s  right, FREE. Offer starts on Friday 23rd and it will end on Monday 26th when price will return to its regular 1.99$ (iPad not included :) ).

While making this app there were no big expectations. I did not expect from users to accept it as something great. I am aware that there are dozen of similar apps available on the App Store and this app was my gateway to music software design. As I said expectations were low but the results are beyond those expectations. Downloads are double what I expected in just six months, users are rating it as a good app and on top of that Future Music Magazine recommended “nineOnine” in one of its recent issues.  These results will make me work even harder to make “nineOnine” become something special and develop similar apps.  Now, let me tell you more about this app as description section on iTunes App Store is really not a good place for this and Mishu Mitsubishu Apps website is still not finished.

“nineOnine” app is based on a libpd (Pure Data) library for iOS. Engine is completely made inside Pure Data. Only UI was programmed in Xcode. Libpd library is a great way for a beginner to make music apps for iOS or even Android. You do have to have some knowledge of Pure Data sound design. What you need to do first is to make a working patch inside Pure Data. After that you import that patch inside your iOS project, design you UI and connect that with your Pure Data patch (not as simple as it sounds). Libpd has/had it’s limitations. There was no background audio till recently. It is using a lot of processing power so your app is really limited with what it can do. “nineOnine” users can feel these limitations because app is still running on older version of libpd. Updates with more processing power and background audio can be expected at the end of January 2012. Furthermore, I have to mention great inspiration and help I got from guys over at RjDj (London) and I have to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Inside Pure Data patch I used few patches from RjDj library. Designing some functions for “nineOnine” without them would be a nightmare. Picture below shows a mechanism used for programing TRACK PLAY inside “nineOnine”. Object designed at RjDj named [u_listser] is really what make this patch do what it does.

Anyone with more interest in “nineOnine” can check online MANUAL. I have to add that manual is missing description on how to program TRACK WRITE function but that will be corrected shortly. CoreMIDI support will be implemented soon (no way to tell exactly when). As a matter of fact it was implemented a long time ago but because of the limitations of libpd library I have mentioned before it is not working as audio professionals would expect. I am not a programmer  and understanding some things is not that easy for me. Good thing is that I know the exact problem and I can concentrate more easily on solving it. For the future updates I can point out Soundcloud integration, (hopefully) WIST (bluetooth sync) from Korg and better graphic design.

nineOnine is available for download at: 

Be sure to check my other apps at:

If you have any questions/suggestions or if you come across bug or problems when using (especially then) the “nineOnine” feel free to contact me at I’ll be glad to hear from you.


Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012 to you all!!


Thank You.



Party Report + Foreign Affair

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Tensnake – Need Your Lovin’ (Tiger & Woods Remix)

Les Rythmes Digitales – (Hey You!) What’s That Sound (LRD Remix)

Columbus – Hubble (Club Edit)

Pitchben – Friday Night

Laberge – Million Dollar Party

Digikid84 – Cuz I Know

Toomy Disco – Cheek To Cheek

Marble Players – Let You Go

Run DMC – My Adidas (Pilotpreist Remix)

Teenage Bad Girl – Tonton Funk (Donovans Edit)

Rejected – Let’s Go Juno (Harvard Bass More Chords Edit)

Inner City – Good Life (Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley Remix)

The Good Guys – Dance To The Rhythm

Surkin – I.N.Y.N.

Digikid84 – Are You Ready

Grum – Really Long One

Canblaster – Jetpack



Mile Hund – Forreign Affair Live @ Stereo [DOWNLOAD]


End Of Elektrana Radio

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Since the summer and last EXIT festival Elektrana was on a vacation. Shows were suspended so artist could have a summer brake. But this year that brake lasted longer than usual and at the end turned into permanent closure of the radio.

 News was expected and it was painful. I had to remove my Elektrana Radio iPhone app from the App Store. I have to apologize to everyone who ever used the app and will be unable to use it anymore.

Here is the official notification from Elektrana Radio:

After 2 full years officially on the air (and 9 months unofficially), Elektrana Radio is closing it’s doors.

Conceived as a hobby by several individuals to facilitate the popularisation and development of electronic music in this region, the radio has surpassed all possible bounds of being a hobby, and has become an obligation with vague and constant work-hours. A commitment with far greater degree of responsibility than what was planned.

On one hand, success is when something, in a positive way, outgrows all expectations and frameworks, but on the other hand radio began to put a strain on normal, daily life of those who are engaged in it’s work.

Since the radio was not designed as a commercial project and everything on it was done out of pure love and no material interests, it was illusory to neglect real life responsibilities for the sake of hobby and entertainment.

The solution would be the reduction of shows to a bare minimum and reduction of all forms of responsibility between the show ‘s authors and project designers, which was, in case of Elektrana as a serious organisation that conducts all its activities in a responsible manner, rejected as an unacceptable solution.

Since Elektrana, as a central for development of electronic culture and arts, has always advocated acceptance of diversity in all its forms, we tried to incorporate as many musical genres in our musical program. The very process of reduction of shows would distort the balance, in part through the relationship with authors, and partly it would tarnish the basic idea to allocate space on the radio to anyone with high quality of work and work ethics.

This is also the reason why the radio is going off the air.

After all, the radio has achieved certain success that will undoubtedly be a testimony that Elektrana, with implementation of the radio, has done something useful for the stage:).

Elektrana Radio:
- The first local internet radio station focusing on electronic music
- Aired exactly 70 weekly shows with over 100 authors from around the world
- On a monthly basis there were approx. 30 thousand listeners from 80 different countries around the world
- Streaming of various parties and a festival :)
- Media sponsor of various cultural events as well as some music releases
- Winner of “Loud & Queer” annual award for demonstrated public support of LGBT events
- Parties organiser in order to promote the radio, and above all the authors on it

All this would not be possible without people who carry the most merit for our two-year radio career. Founder, CTO and IT megaman, Dušan Ostra?anin, is the culprit behind smooth operation of Elektrana Radio all this time. Predrag Nikoli?, founder of Elektrana, and Predrag Novakovi?, musical editor, contributed to the glory we have acquired in the meantime.

Certainly we owe greatest gratitude to all authors whose programs were broadcast through our radio, and listeners, without whom our presence would be meaningless.

Until next listening!

NOTE: Elektrana as an organization and Elektrana Stage at EXIT festival will go on…

Mile Voli Disko

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One more thing…

I’m starting a new monthly event at Club Discordia called “Mile Voli Disko”.  This will be like some sort of a progression to events I did with gdin. Sme?i Še?er where we played all sorts funk and disco. I will play underground disco, italo disco, even nu disco all night long. Every month I will give away some goodies and I am planing to have guest DJs. All in all, I hope this will be one of the best Friday nights in town. You can expect reports and recorded sets here at Mishu Mitsubishu blog.

P.S. People with origins from outside ex Yugoslavia should probably Google “Mile voli disko” ;)   There is no way i could describe this term and it’s meaning to you…

Party Report + Trash Dance Parade

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Wow! Almost two months without a post. Sorry guys. I’ll try to keep this updated as much as I can. I will leave all the new stuff I’ve been working on for another post.

Here I want to point out to one among many wonderful parties my friends at Trash Dance (Bassano del Grappa) organized few weeks ago. I feel love everytime I visit Bassano and this party was no different. Held out in a Shindy Club which I first visited couple of years back when they had MSTRKRFT playing. Wonderful atmosphere with around 700 attendees, 2 music floors and “Tabula” contest. (Tabula is a must try.)

I hope I will get the video and pics from that night and I will post them as soon as I get them. While you wait there is a live set I recorded as usual :)


Mile Hund live @ Trash Dance Parade. Shindy, Bassano. by mishu_mitsubishu

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